Benefits of Becoming a World Fan Network Member

The World Fan Network provides you with a unique email experience by combining advanced email technology with the ability to proudly represent your favorite sports team with every email you send. Upon joining the World Fan Network, you will receive a private and secure team-oriented email address of your choosing and all of the following features for less than 9 cents a day:

A top quality, team oriented, private, and secured email address of your choosing.
A friendly, easy to use email client, or use your favorite email client such as MS Outlook.
A large 25 GB email
Storage, store thousands of your emails without worry.
A generous 50 attachment limit, enough to attach a 1,000-page Microsoft Word document or hundreds of JPEG images.
The ability to easily access your email, personal calendar, and contacts from your phone or tablet.
Advanced SPAM features, keeps your email private by limiting unwanted email messages.

Reasons to Use World Fan Network’s Premium Email Service

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